The first and only Mega Yacht Marina in Turkey is launching in Ataköy.

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The first and only Mega Yacht Marina in Turkey is launching in Ataköy.

167 thousand square meters protected (in-port) water surface area, the total length of the breakwater will be 1.5 kilometers, the depth of the port will be 6 meters. The breakwaters and wharves were constructed with reinforced concrete T wall while floating docks were made of concrete. Walking and cycling way of 5 meters wide, 1.5 kilometers long was made on the breakwater, which the public can use. The harbor can serve up to 100 meters of motor yacht, sailing yacht or catamaran type boats from 25 to 100 meters. Boats from 25 meters to 35 meters can bed on the floating docks and boats larger than 35 meters can bed at the main breakwater and harbor. Mega yacht harbor will be a very important address for boats over 30 meters, especially for those who need secure harboring and landing with ease. In the Mega Yacht Port, short and long harboring, mooring service 24/7, diving services, drainage of wastewater and bilge tanks, toilet and shower, laundry and ironing, TV connection, fiber optic wireless internet access, (7/24), market services, will be presented. Ataköy Marina, which has a fantastic location advantage due to its close proximity to the airport and many sea and land transportation vehicles, took a big step on behalf of Turkish maritime with the addition of mega yacht marina. Ataköy Marina reached the capacity to provide harboring to a total of 1000 boats, depending on the boat length, at sea with the newly opened Mega Yacht Harbor.

New facilities provided by Ataköy Mega Yacht Harbor;

o   Residences that view the Mega yacht harbor,

o   Land-based accommodation with 200 tons of travelift,

o   Possibility of receiving electricity from the beach up to 800 amps,

o   Yacht Depots.

Besides Mega Yacht Harbor, there will also be congress, cinema and performance arts centers, sports facilities, restaurants, cafes and hotels. The Stores street where famous brands are located, will provide a new perspective on shopping habits of the guests.


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