For those who convert the passion of the sea to life; In the heart of Istanbul we are....

Ataköy Marina is among the most prestigious marinas of Turkey; Unique position, experienced staff and exceptional service concept, is an outstanding brand in international platform. Ataköy Marina reached the capacity to provide a total of 1000 boats at sea with the newly opened Mega Yacht Harbor depending on the boat length. Marina offers its customers full-service technical service, 24/7 security and health services.


Ataköy Marina offers its guests a traffic-free transportation with 'heliport'. Ataköy Marina's heliport, which is preferred by the business world, is very easy to reach quickly where you want to, without losing time in Istanbul traffic. Ataköy Marina, located in the heart of Istanbul with its unique location, is now also accessible by air, as well as road and sea access.

Life at the Marina

A story of a seagull that chooses to be extraordinary... Of course there are different kinds of lives on the waters. But for sea lovers, the marina always means 'a different life'... Ataköy Marina has a small resident with these guests; The name is Kamil…


For information about our price schedule; You can communicate with our front desk.
Price information by phone: 0 212 560 42 70 Price info by e-mail:

Ataköy Marina has been awarded "Blue Flag" by FEE (Foundation For Environmental Education) for fulfilling the necessary conditions in environmentally sensitive system such as environmental information, environmental education and management, security, service and clean water.

Ataköy Marina was awarded the "5 Anchor Award" for the first time in Turkey by "The Yacht Harbor Association", and since 1989 it still carries this award.

Ataköy Marina has the Blue Flag and 5 Golden Anchor Awards due to its high standards and the importance it gives to the environment.

More than just a Marina...

Ataköy Marina is the first marina of Istanbul to be awarded with 5 Golden Anchors and is only 7 km away from Ataturk Airport which is at the first place in terms of domestic and international flights in Turkey. It is possible to reach to all the important centers of the world from Atatürk Airport directly or in indirectly with scheduled or charter aircraft.
Countries along the Black Sea coast, such as Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Georgia, have begun to prepare the necessary infrastructure for yacht tourism. Istanbul Ataköy Marina is a natural stopover for yachts arriving in Istanbul to visit the coasts of these countries and the most convenient destination for winter days.
Ataköy Marina with its international standards Boat Maintenance and Repair unit with 63 tons capacity travel lift and more than 20 years experienced technical team, pontoon and pier providing secure connection at sea, 24 hour continuous security and cleaning services, with its market, restaurant, cafeteria, health and sports center, children's play park, outdoor parking, laundry and swimming pool is the best choice for your short or long stay.

Ataköy Marina at CNR Eurasia-Eurasia Boat Show!

Atakoy Marina Mega Yacht Harbor is launching on May 02, 2017, with the government protocol and a ceremony in which the heads and members of the […]

More than just a Marina…

We are at Dubai International Boat Show

Ataköy Marina General Manager Süheyl Demirtaş expressed that the Boat Show organized in Dubai was very productive for Ataköy Marina.

The first and only Mega Yacht Marina in Turkey is launching in Ataköy.

167 thousand square meters protected (in-port) water surface area, the total length of the breakwater will be 1.5 kilometers, the depth of the port will be […]


Front Desk Services
• Credit card and cash for electricity / water need for automate loading • Contract procedures and price information • Guidance in Transitlog operations • Information about daily meteorology • Communication service (fax, telephone) • Photocopy • Internet access • Library • First aid and doctor • Ambulance Service • Taxi • Rent a car • Tourist Information • Agency Services
Port Services
• Mooring service (7/24) • Backup and recovery (7/24) • Diving services • Emergency response / Fire boat • Water and electricity (at the point of connection) • Toilet and shower • Laundry and ironing • Cable TV connection • Wireless internet • Free parking for 1200 cars • Finger pontoons in Pontoon (08-15m) • Vaulted lashing system at the docks (16-30m) • Traffic control tower and Camera Control (7/24) • Communication with radio (VHF 73) (7/24 • Fire and Extinguishing Systems • Diesel and Euro Diesel sales (7/24) • Gasoline and Super Gasoline sales (7/24) • Engine Oil (7/24) • Market and Delicatessen • Yacht broker firms • Vault binding system at pontoons and docks
Maintenance and Repair Services
• Travel Lift (Max. 200 Tons) • Forklift • Mobile Crane (10 tons) • Direct dismantling service • Parking on land • Pull pool • Sub washing with pressurized water • Paint and Polyester Works • Motor - Machine Maintenance and Repair • Electric Electronics • Wood - Furniture • Hydraulic system repair • Stainless and chrome works • Sail - Branda - Flooring works • Rigging and fitting works • Ventilation - Cooling • Inflatable Boats - Life Boat • Inner and outer cleaning of boats
Social Facility Services
• Swimming Pool • Children's Playground • Fitness Center and Sauna (with fee) • Tennis Court (with fee) • Beach Volleyball and Basketball Field • Park and Travel Areas • Parking • Ataköy Marina Park "Life Center" • Galleria Shopping Center • Fish Restaurants • Sheraton İstanbul Ataköy

From us...

Süheyl Demirtaş / General Manager / Ataköy Marina

+90 (212) 560 42 70

We bring a real sense of the mega-yacht marina in Turkey.
We are proud to bring a world-class facility to the maritime sector in Turkey.
We realized Ataköy Marina Mega Yacht Port, which is one of the most important rings of Istanbul Tourism Center, which was brought to life by DATİ Yatırım Holding A.Ş. with an investment of approximately 62 million dollars.
I especially want to emphasize that every marina where one or more large yachts can get in and out with difficulty is not a mega yacht marina. In order for a marina to earn this name, it must have sufficient depth, and the ability to provide service at the same time for at least 12 units of mega yachts of 40 meters and above. There is no mega yacht marine in Turkey in this measure and features. With the facility we have opened today, we have got the first mega yacht harbor in Turkey with a capacity to host 232 mega yachts from 25 meters to 100 meters in length, a true mega yacht harbor, the first of its kind. With the Mega Yacht harbor, many custom-built and elite boats will now be able to stop by in Istanbul. Thanks to the harbor, while these private boats are getting the opportunity to stay in Istanbul in the winter months, they also can do all kinds of maintenance and repair work here.
It will be a point of attraction for domestic and foreign tourists.
Atakoy Marina Mega Yacht Harbor will make a big contribution also to the tourism sector. Turkey, one of the top ten countries in the world in terms of number of tourists, can not realize even 10% of the potential in yacht tourism, which is one of the most monetized tourism types, and it will make an important contribution to making a significant income in this area. Besides, it will be an attraction point for domestic and foreign tourists with world famous shops and restaurants and performance centers of renowned brands, which will be located within the Istanbul Tourism Center which is under construction right next to the Mega Yacht Port.